Vulva Pump Cup Medium
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Vulva Pump Cup Medium

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This high-quality vulva pump cylinder is Made in USA and built to last. This Vulva Cylinder is meant to be hooked up to the Deluxe Brass Hand Pump, sold separately, and delivers one-of-a-kind sensations to the vulva & labia. We sell this as a pleasure device for those who enjoy the feeling of suction as well as those who are looking to “plump” up the labia and vulva area. Adjustable vacuum release valve allows you to change the degree of pressure you enjoy, as well as to detach the pump mechanism from the acrylic cylinder. Tapered towards the top to match the natural contour of a vulva, this cylinder is comfortable to use. We recommend using plenty of water-based lubricant and a tight seal around the area you wish to plump when pumping with this Vulva Cylinder.

Industrial Grade Clear Acrylic
3.75" x 4.75"
Hand pump with hose sold separately