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Fun Factory has delivered another exceptional toy. VOLTA's split-tipped design creates unique sensations that range from fluttery tapping to a percussive thump. VOLTA’s compact style is both powerful and versatile -- use it to stimulate the nipples, or as a handy BJ helper by positioning the shaft between VOLTA's tips and using VOLTA as a stroker. Try positioning the tips in different places--on either side of the clit, against the hood, with one tip against the vaginal opening, around the labia--and find your favorite way to vibe with the VOLTA. Fully submersible waterproof, with six levels of vibration as well as six vibration patterns, all with Fun Factory's trademark deep rumbly vibration. The VOLTA's loop handle makes it easy to hold your toy even when your hands are covered in lube, and the positioning of the raised buttons makes it easy to try a new speed or vibration pattern without interrupting the action. VOLTA charges via a magnetic USB charging cable -- a full charge offers 45 minutes of amplified sensations on the highest setting.

Customer Review: "When I first saw this toy I was like "there's no way this is comfortable! It's weird and way too flappy!" But then I was given one to try and my tune changed real quick- fastest orgasm I ever had.

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