Slingshot STP Harness
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Slingshot STP Harness

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This stylish, minimalist stand-to-pee packing harness doesn’t weigh you down, but it holds your gear securely. Styled to fit the Model D and Model A STP packers, offering further support when wearing and using them. No waistband, so it’s comfortable for a variety of body shapes and sizes. This quality harness stays in place with two thick, plush elastic thigh straps. Slingshot Harness can be put into both washer and dryer.

Slingshot STP Harness
Black Elastic
Fully adjustable harness designed to fit the Model D, Model A, or the Model D Sport STP
Sizing is based on circumference around your thigh:

XS: Fits 14" - 17"
Small: Fits 17" - 20"
Medium: Fits 20" - 24"
Large: Fits 24" - 28"
XL: Fits 28" - 32"

Slingshot STP Harness Sizing Info