She-ology 5 Piece Dilator Set
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She-ology 5 Piece Dilator Set

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Designed in collaboration with Dr. Sherry Ross of She-ology fame, this ergonomically designed five-piece dilator set of 100% soft, smooth silicone can be used by any person with a vagina. Dilator use can help reduce discomfort during intercourse or self-stimulation and increase vaginal capacity. Gradually sized to allow for gentle dilation and curved for a more relaxed fit, each piece is colored differently to help you differentiate between sizes and help keep you on track. Each dilator has a curved base for gentle insertion and an indented lip to help you hold them securely during removal and insertion. The comfortable shape allows the dilator to be worn for longer periods, whether at home or on the go. Plus each base features a hole sized to allow mini bullet insertion (vibrators not included). Each set includes a Dilator Guide from Dr. Sherry Ross.

3.33" x 1.8" / 8.46cm x 3cm (Dilator 1)
3.12" x 0.97" / 7.92cm x 2.46cm (Dilator 2)
3.02" x 0.85" / 7.67cm x 2.16cm (Dilator 3)
2.96" x 0.74" / 7.52cm x 1.88cm (Dilator 4)
2.67" x 0.53" / 6.78cm x 1.35cm (Dilator 5)