Real Live Nude Girl-Second Edition
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Real Live Nude Girl-Second Edition

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By Dr. Carol Queen
More sexual possibilities than we can imagine lie just off the beaten path, and Dr. Carol Queen tells you all about them in this collection of essays based on her real-life experiences. We get a first-hand glimpse at life through the eyes of the outrageously adventurous and intelligent Queen as she partakes in sex clubs, works in a peep show booth, acts as a pro-porn pundit, and even hilariously comments on pornography and the sensitive New-Age guy. This long out-of-print (though oft-requested) book has been updated with a new intro. (1997) 2002, 215 pp.

Real Live Nude Girl is a valuable resource, tackling sex as it happens today, and taking a close look at the many people who are having it.
-- Ellen Johnson,, Dec 2003