Premium ED Penis Pump Kit
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Premium ED Penis Pump Kit

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For men looking for a more intense pumping experience, this cylinder is our most advanced. This kit is made to help men with ED & can work with any level pumper, beginner or advanced. The flame polished finished base fits snugly against the body to create a tight seal while the Deluxe Pump is equipped with a pressure gauge allowing you to remain at a safe pressure level when pumping. The quick disconnect safety value helps to maintain the vacuum pressure during use once the pump is disconnected. Recommended for all pump users. As with all pumps, we recommend starting slow, using a water based lubricant (foil pack included in kit) and that when using you take time to enjoy all the sensations suction can offer. Kit also includes instructions for use as well as three sized restriction rings. Read here for more information on how to use pumps safely.

Please allow for a slight variation in size as these cylinders are hand formed in the USA.

Kit includes:
9” Wide Body Cylinder 2” diameter
Deluxe Brass Pump
2 feet of vinyl tubing