Dirty Old Women: Erotica by Women of Experience

Dirty Old Women: Erotica by Women of Experience

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Dirty Old Women: Erotica by Women of Experience
Edited by Lynx Canon

Older women: Wise enough to tell the truth about sex – what they want, what theyve done, what makes them hot. Each month at Oaklands Octopus Literary Salon, self-identified older women read stories and poems that thrill and sizzle: a nun is tormented by sacrilegious fantasies; a married woman wreaks sexual revenge on a fantasy lover; two women struggle to reconnect as they pack up a dead womans things. This anthology features steamy, never-before-published erotica from established authors and newcomers guaranteed to incite your lust and satisfy your desires. 2017, 186 pages.

Table of contents:
All I want to do is get off by Selene Steese
Evening in San Francisco by Kristin McCloy
It’s not that I’m hungry by Rose K. Mark
Terraforming by Stella Fosse
Seder with my octaroon by Jan Steckel
Peace offering by Beth Elliott
Full body massage by Dorothy Freed
My cunning linguist by Rose K. Mark
The fourteenth hour by J Mork
Psychic pussy by Anita Placebo
Dont borrow my laptop by Jan Steckel
To Joani by Chris Orr
Orgasm road by Donna George Storey
Make-up sex by Jan Steckel
Zoe Howard by Beth Elliott
Dish gloves to die for by Amy Butcher
Summer of ripe peaches by Rose K. Mark
Ode to a fresh black mission fig by Rose K. Mark
Ode to an OHenry peach by Rose K. Mark
In the garden by Lynx Canon
Goddess in my pants by Selene Steese
A martyr for St. Agnes by Resurrección Cruz
I want to stop masturbating by Selene Steese.