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Here’s a sexy way to cope with a lover’s absence, whether they’ve deployed, gone away to grad school, or are just out of town for a few days! Make a silicone reproduction of your favorite body part—or toy!—with this fun-to-use kit that allows users to make an exact replica of any penis, dildo, cuke or zucchini, or any other shape that fits into the mold. (Yes, that perfectly-shaped garden goodie can be preserved for posterity!) This easy, frisky project can be done with a partner; all the supplies needed to make one mold and one dildo are included, plus information on how to adjust the molding process to accommodate a curved penis (or one with a piercing). If a person is being molded, they will need to stay erect for the 60-90 seconds it takes for the cast to set; shaving is not necessary, though the user may want to dab some petroleum jelly on pubic hair before molding, or trim hair shorter. Kit includes a smooth vibrator that you can insert into the dildo when curing so that it doubles as a handle and makes the resulting toy vibrate! All materials and packaging made in Portland, OR.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Sometimes the mold for your Clone-A-Willy doesn’t come out perfect the first time. If the mold isn’t to your liking, the Molding Powder Refill allows you to try again before pouring in the silicone. Contains 3oz of 100% body-safe alginate molding power.

Clone-A-Willie Silicone Refills, also available.

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