Alu Lubricant 4oz

Alu Lubricant 4oz

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Alu is an all-natural water-based lubricant formulated with organic ingredients. Mixed with Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Oat and Hemp, this lube aims to lift you up, rather than bring you down with ingredients that work against your body’s natural chemistry. Rocking an all-natural vibe, this body-safe lubricant is as hassle free as they come. Safe to use with toys and most condoms, Alu has a pH balance that matches the natural vaginal acidity levels and helps to keep healthy flora undisrupted during sex.

Free of glycerin, parabens, hormones, or sugars, this plant-derived lubricant is organic and glides on as easily as it rinses off.

Alu’s bottle is subtle and discreet, blending into your nightstand, medicine cabinet, or travel bag. Organic and homegrown, this potion won’t draw any unwanted attention and can still be the talk of the town. Plus, it’s small enough for single-handed pumping! Not compatible with polyurethane condoms.