Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator

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Now Womanizer fans have a whole new pleasure-delivery system to love! The Womanizer Premium offers new technologies coupled with a sleek high-quality design. Still crafted to stimulate the clitoris with Pleasure Air Technology-- gentle suction and vibrations--it creates sensations at 12 different intensity levels that can go from supersoft to superpowered. The Premium's new Autopilot function comes with four custom-adjusted rhythm settings, so it changes with every use--you can feel like you're using a new and different toy every night! Also new, its Smart Silence function starts exactly at the point when you're ready to go–the sensor turns on when it’s close to your skin, even before it physically touches you. Suction stops when you pull the toy away from your body and starts again when you move it back to the point that it almost touches you. With a slim design that fits comfortably in your hand and clad in sensuous smooth silicone, this is a pleasure toy par excellence. USB rechargeable with a magnetic pin USB charging port. A two-hour charge yields four hours of use time. An additional extra-large stimulation head is included, to ensure that it fits every body. Waterproof; clean with mild soap and water. In order to optimize the battery life, all Womanizer devices turn off after 30 minutes of continued use.

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