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Fun Cup Menstrual Cups

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Fun Cup Menstrual Cups
There are so many reason to love menstrual cups – they are reusable, environmentally friendly, easy to clean and you’ll never need a midnight tampon run again. The Fun Cup silicone menstrual cup is made of quality silicone and each cup has measurement lines inside for those monitoring their flow. The contoured shape of Fun Cup makes it easy to insert while air holes near the rim allow for the cup to create a reliable suction against the cervix, ensuring a maximally secure fit. Wearable for up to 12 hours (depending on flow). When cup is securely in place, the petite shape makes it possible to have intercourse, if desired, depending on body configuration and comfort level. Each set comes with two cups to get you started.

Fun Cup A: Smaller (length 5.32cm, diameter 3.95cm – volume 20 ml)
Firmer silicone for greater control while placing and adjusting a smaller cup.
Good for: lighter flow, people who have never given vaginal birth, someone with a shorter vaginal canal.

Fun Cup B: Larger (length 5.82cm, diameter 4.32 cm – volume 30 ml)
Softer silicone for a comfortable fit that holds a heavier flow without feeling intrusive.
Good for: heavy flow, people who have given vaginal birth, people over 30.

Explorer Set: Includes 1 size A and 1 Size B. This kit was preferred by 80% of product testers, as it’s good for people who don’t know which size they should choose, plus those who want one cup for heavy days and one for lighter days.

To insert:
Find a comfortable position with legs apart (sitting on toilet or standing with one leg up on toilet or tub).
Fold cup into U shape.
Keeping it folded, insert the cup into the vagina. Use water-based lubricant, if desired, to ease insertion.
Push in as far as it will go and release. The cup will open and cover the cervix. To create a seal, twist the cup while bearing down with the pelvic floor muscles. You can make sure the cup is covering your cervix by swirling a finger around the sides or giving it a gentle tug to ensure a firm seal. If its securely in, you should be able to feel a little resistance.

To Remove:
Use pelvic floor muscles to push down on the cup, then pinch between two fingers to break the seal. (You can also insert a finger to push against the edge of the cup to break the seal.)
Once the seal is broken, pinch the cup and pull it out, keeping it upright.
Empty into the toilet, then wash with mild soap and water.

The Tyvek storage bag included is antimicrobial and moisture-resistant -- its the same material DuPont designed for NASA to use in space suits.

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