Bloom Kegel Exerciser by We-Vibe

Bloom Kegel Exerciser by We-Vibe

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Explore pelvic floor strengthening, vaginal tightness and increased orgasmic sensations with this set of vibrating progressive kegel weights from We-Vibe. Kegel balls are designed to gradually build PC muscle strength, but these also feature rumbly vibrations that let you use Bloom as an unabashed, 100% waterproof pleasure product--enjoy ten different powerful vibration settings. Customize your experience by using Bloom with the We-Connect app and pair it with your phone by pressing and holding down the control button for five seconds until it pulses twice. Comes with three interchangeable weights – simply screw them onto the body of the toy. Designed with a sturdy cord for easy retrieval during use, and it even comes with a low power alert!

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