Rub Me Massage Bar
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Rub Me Massage Bar

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We created the Me line with you in mind! Our line of luxury bath and body products is perfect for those who like to indulge. Simply rub this all-natural concentrated massage bar in your hands or over your partners warm skin to melt it into creamy, soothing massage butter. Made with pure cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oil, this massage bar is a great alternative if you find massage oils too messy. Good for 10-12 massages; not edible.

Note: The Rub Me Massage Bars are wonderful as their low melting point works great to melt quickly and easily with body heat. Their low melting point may also make them melt in the box when shipping to warmer climates or in warmer seasons. Please consider 3-day shipping or faster as well as having a cool place for these to safely arrive when being delivered.

2 oz massage bar

Note: This product may melt if shipped to a warm location