Contour Ceramic Massage Stones

Contour Ceramic Massage Stones

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Contour Ceramic Massage Stones offer a modern take on traditional hot stone massage. Made of double-fired porcelain, they're bio-compatible, durable, and easy to clean. With smooth, polished surfaces, they glide over the skin, relieving tension as they go. Use them individually, or pair the stones for different massage techniques. Warm them up to soothe, or cool them down to refresh.

Contour I is barbell-shaped and designed for deep, kneading massage with the ends, or for rolling.

The curved side of the domed Contour M creates broad strokes, while the nodes on the underside provide multi-point stimulation.

Contour Q is a pair of compact round stones that fit perfectly in the palm, delivering active stimulation with every stroke. They're optimal for targeted work on knots and pressure points, and are delightful when rolled beneath the feet. Each design features a different surface texture: one offering a soothing ripple design, the other a stimulating bump pattern. Both are excellent for circulation.