STP Packer Strap
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STP Packer Strap

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If youre sporting a Sam STP, Archer or Pierre Packer, this comfy plush elastic packing strap, designed specifically to be worn with NYTC packers, will help you get the most out of your selection. Two small silicone-backed elastic straps secure the shaft of your STP or packer in either an “up” or “down” position; the packing strap goes around each of the wearers thighs and holds the STP or packer, which is secured though the strap. (The opening in the packing strap should be able to accommodate any STP or packer with a shaft up to 1.5? in diameter.) The unique loop design allows the user to securely pack higher or lower on the body, with more control over the size and look of the packers bulge. This two-leg-strap style is different than the classic jockstrap; these straps only go around the thighs. Fits under any garment and can be work with boxers or nothing at all! Hand wash cold, then hang dry.

Choose your size by measuring around the thigh where the leg opening of a speedo or pair of briefs would be (the very top of the leg). The tape measure or string you are using for measurement should make a complete circle around the leg.

XXS: 14-15” | 35-39cm
XS: 16-18” | 40-47cm
S: 19-21” | 48-55cm
M: 22-24” | 56-65cm
L: 25-28” | 64-73cm
XL: 29-32” | 74-83cm
XXL: 33-37” | 84-94cm

Please note: As this item was designed to work specifically for the Sam STP, Archer packer & Pierre packer we are not able to guarantee this strap will work as designed for other soft packers.

Packers and STP Packers sold separately.