Double Panel Compression Shirt

Double Panel Compression Shirt

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For those who want a flat chest silhouette, look no further than the Double Panel Compression Shirt. Two layers of Spandex/nylon material across the chest and mid-section conform to the body and allow a full range of motion; the shirt is full-length and is easily tucked into pants.

In order to determine your ideal size:

  • Take a snug measurement under the breast tissue line with a tape measure, aiming for your ribcage.
  • Take another measurement over the fullest part of your chest. You might want to wear a sports bra when you do this.
  • Take the average of these two measurements, and apply the result to the sizing information below.
  • Between sizes? If youre unsure, opt for the larger size to ensure breathing comfort.
  • Note: this shirt is meant to fit very snugly to achieve a flattening effect, and may be difficult to put on/take off at first; this should become slightly easier with use. If you choose to size up for comfort, know that the flattening effect may be decreased. Please contact Customer Service for additional guidance in ordering.

Please note: this product is guaranteed for 30 days for any defects, but is not eligible for satisfaction-based return.

Sizing Information:

XS: 28-31"
S: 32-35"
M: 36-39"
L: 40-43"
XL: 44-47"
2X: 48-51"
3X: 52-55"
4X: 56-59"