Kimono MAXX Flare Condoms

Kimono MAXX Flare Condoms

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If you prefer the super-thin feel of Kimono condoms but find their fit to be a little too snug you’ll want to give the Maxx Large Flare a go! Same premium latex & quality construction as other Kimono condoms, this condom is generously flared at the tip for a comfort feel. Made from the same thin latex as other Kimono condoms, the Maxx Flare are 20% thinner than competing large-size condoms and are 25% wider than regular Kimonos for a comfortable fit. Similar in overall shape as the Kimono Maxx, the Kimono Maxx Large Flare has a bulbous head that gets wider at the tip. Lubricated with silicone lubricant free of parabens & glycerin.

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Kimono MAXX Flare Condoms
Shape: Flare shape
Head width: 66mm
Body Width: 53mm
Length: 190mm
Silicone lubricated condom