Snug Plug

Snug Plug

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These smooth, weighted plugs come in a variety of shapes and weights so you can find your perfect fit. You can also move between sizes depending you your mood. These anal plugs are made of silicone and have tapered tops, and slim necks for comfortable insertion and a snug fit during wear. The weighted balls inside the plugs provide an additional sensation of fullness and pressure. Enjoy these solo, or share the experience with a partner. With so many options, these work well for backdoor beginners and anal aficionados alike.

Plug 1:
55g weighted ball
.8” x 3.7”
Fuchsia or black silicone

Plug 2:
114g weighted ball
1.2 x 4.5”
Purple or black silicone

Plug 3:
185g weighted ball
1.4” x 5”
Teal or black silicone

Plug 4:
257g weighted ball
1.7” x 5.5”
Black silicone