Deluxe Brass Hand Pump With Pressure Meter
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Deluxe Brass Hand Pump With Pressure Meter

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This high-quality pump boasts strong suction, a built-in PSI gauge so you can keep the pressure at a safe and enjoyable level, and delivers one-of-a-kind sensations to the penis, clitoris, nipples, and other sensitive parts. We sell this as a pleasure device for those who enjoy the feeling of suction, though with your doctors OK and paired with a cock ring it may also be used to facilitate erections. Adjustable vacuum release valve allows you to change the degree of pressure you enjoy, as well as to detach the pump mechanism from the lucite sleeve. One-handed pumping makes this deluxe device especially easy to use. Differently-sized cylinders available for penis use or clit and nipple stimulation. Please be sure to read our article, How to Use a Penis Pump Safely, to ensure you have enough information about safe suction play.

Deluxe Brass Hand Pump
Metal and Plastic
Includes tubing to connect to a pump cylinder
Penis and Nipple/Clit cylinders are sold separately

Care and Cleaning for your pump:
After use, wipe your pump with a damp cloth. This pump is NOT suitable for wet use, please do not submerse pump in water or rinse under running water. We recommend using a mild spray-on toy cleaner, like Renew Toy Revitalizing Cleanser that may be wiped off and does not need rinsing.